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Friday, May 29, 2009

Interesting Day

Today I was able to shadow Dr. Hicks. He is the oral surgeron that removed my wisdom teeth. It was pretty amazing. There were a few different surgeries that he performed today. On the first guy, he had to remove some growth on his lower lip. It was pretty neat. Dr. Hicks numbed the guy with the big needle. (I never knew those needles were so long and big.) When the guy was numb, Dr. Hicks took a little razor thing and cut the growth off. He then put stitches so the hole would close. That procedure took like a total of ten minutes. After that, another guy came in that had his wisdom teeth removed. It seemed like the guy was awake for some of the procedure. He kept moving and the thing on the thumb kept falling off. The weirdest part was being able to talk to the patient, then all of a sudden having the patient fall asleep. Other procedures that were done were a kid had a screw out into his bone. The screw is supposed to help with keeping his teeth straight while he has braces. Another lady came in and had horrible teeth. She had a few of her "main" teeth removed. Such a fun, yet interesting day. Being able to watch Dr. Hicks and his nurses has opened my eyes to other fields except for pharmacy. I guess we'll see what happens with the path I choose to take. The nurses there were so nice and I learned a lot. I hope that I get more chances to shadow other people so I can really know what I want to go into.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birthday Pictures

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Michael's Birthday and Sad Times

So, Monday was Michael's birthday!! He turned the big 24. A friend from Arizona came down to visit with family and he stopped by to chill with us. It was pretty fun. We went over to the Nates' house and had a little party. Michael's cake was amazing. It was him camping and fishing. So cute. We had a salmon and hotdog (for me) dinner. It was so good. I tried salmon for the first time, and it was pretty good. That's big for me, because I'm one that hates fish. After dinner, we had the cake and Michael opened his presents and enrolled help in doing so. The Nate kids all joined in and used everything but their hands to open the big box. We then played a game of baseball. It was boys versus girls. We're not quite sure who won. The girls were slacking at the beginning, but after I figured out what the glove was used for, we did fairly well. Overall, it was a good time. (Pictures on blog.)

Since we had the long weekend, Michael and I took a trip to Oakley, Idaho. There is a family up there that Michael baptized on his mission. They moved from Oklahoma to Idaho a few years back. We were able to Brother Green fix his sprinkler system and their ride on lawn mower. I love that family. They remind me so much of what my family is like. My favorite part was definitely the horses. I do like horses and do want ONE, but don't have enough room right now. Soon enough though. If that happens, I'll have to hire Maddie to come and help me take care of that big guy.

Before we left, we were told by one of our managers that we needed to get rid of our rats. One of the maintenance guys here came in to check something and saw them. Since he apparently had nothing better to do, he "ratted" on us. Josh told us we needed to have them out. We found a family for the twins. I refuse to get rid of Spartan and Flash. They are like my children. I wrote a few e-mails to the Housing Office, but have yet to hear back from them. We'll see what happens.

Monday, May 4, 2009

New Additions

We added two new little guys to our family. I was told they are 5 months old and were going to be given back to a pet store to be used as snake food. I couldn't let that happen. Flash and Spartan aren't too thrilled, but I think all four will get along just fine. They have already had a few moments, but the same is going to happen with kids. Here are pics of the new little guys, as well as Flash and Spartan. We have yet to name the "little twins."

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Busy As A Bee

Michael and I have survived the first two weeks of school. It has been fun and I love all my classes already. I have some intense ones, but I should do fine. My chemistry and biology classes are going to cause the most stress in my life, but I do have Econ and D&C to help mellow things out. Michael has 4 business classes, and so far, he's doing well. I recently applied for a manager position at the complex we live at. I had an interview on Thursday, but it was just a preliminary one. I will find out this week sometime if I have a final interview. Michael and I are crossing our fingers. It would help us out so much if I got that job. Our rent would go down and we would bring in a little extra money.
I'm at work right now and should be doing something productive here, but I have already finished all my "Saturday tasks." It's not too busy either. Maybe everyone came down with Swine Flu and is home sick. If that's the case, then I should be home too.