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Monday, November 9, 2009

Moving.... Again

Michael and I are moving for the 4th time since we have been married. We started out in good ole' Rexburg at a small one bedroom place. We then upgraded to a 2 bedroom, but apparently that wasn't enough for us. We then decided to move to Parker into a nice 1200 square foot, 2 bedroom place. It has been fun, but now it's time to upgrade once more!! Everyone dreams about having a huge house and Michael and I are the same way. Our dreams though, have yet to come true. If you thought that was our house, we got you!!! We actually are downgrading this time. We found a nice one bedroom place in Idaho Falls. It makes sense for us to move there since Michael goes to school there and works there. I'll be working at Broulim's still, but I'm hoping I can get a full time job in Idaho Falls. I dropped my resume off to about 10 pharmacies there, and now I'm just waiting to get call backs from any of the places. Our last day living here in Rexburg/Parker will be December 1st. It'll be sad because we have made so many friends, but by moving we will be saving a ton of money.