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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Always Amazes Me

I have finally returned back to Idaho... for me, it's not a good thing. It's so cold up here and I hate it. We have to stay though until Michael graduates with his Master's. We are out of here for sure when that day comes around. My trip overall was fun. I was able to do a ton of food storage shopping for us. I was also able to spend time with my family which was nice. I liked being able to chat with my grandma and not have either of us cry or get upset. She and my aunt bought me my birthday presents which I thought was nice. My birthday is still like a month away, but they wanted to make sure that I got something. I got everything pink, which didn't surprise me one bit. My motto for most gifts is "If it's pink, just buy it." Maybe I shouldn't have that motto though. Knowing my family, who knows what I could end up getting. I was able to spend time with Michael's family also. That was definitely a break from being around mine. I also got to see a couple friends while I was there. Hailie Clark was a friend of Michael's way back. Hailie's husband, Brett, was a good friend of Michael's also. They were married before us and had a baby girl just about a month ago. She is the sweetest little thing ever. After seeing her, I need one now. Michael still begs to differ on that though, saying we need to wait a little longer. I guess that I can't really argue with him though. The drives, both to Arizona and back home weren't that bad either. On the Thursday I left, I drove straight through. It took me about 16 hours, but I made it. On the way back, I got off to a late start so I stayed over night in Salt Lake with a friend of Michael's. It was nice of Kara and her husband to let me crash at their place. I did get home to a clean house though. That was before I got all my stuff in. I can't wait to go back in December!!
Last night was a little interesting. It's kind of a funny story though. I was lying in bed when I heard my phone go off. It was a text from my sister. It read, "Ask Michael what your magic name is." I texted her back if Michael would know what that meant and she said yes. I thought it was a Facebbook thing or something. I asked Michael what my magic name is and he said that he didn't know but that he could make one up. I explained that my sister wanted him to tell me. He, being super smart, figured out that she was referring to the temple name. Michael and I texted her back "Zebuloth", which is one that we made up. She then replied, "That sucks." I asked her why that sucked and what a magic name is. She wrote back that it's a name that Michael has to call me in order for me to get into Heaven. She also wrote "And he better call you." I just laughed at that. I asked Michael what she meant and he said that some non-members believe that in order for a female to get to Heaven, she must be called by her husband. I had never heard that before. The best part about it was that she was at a bar talking to some drunk guy who was asking the questions. All I have to say is props to her for asking.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cops and State's Stupidity

Seriously....? I have been in Arizona for what... 5 days now? Out of those 5, I have gotten pulled over 2 of them. That's 40% of the time I have been here. I get nervous driving, so I try not to speed or do anything stupid like text or grab something from the backseat and noot look at the road. I have seen too many movies and "educational" videos on that stuff. I got pulled over for the same both times. The funny thing is that I can't do anything about it. Idaho can though. Will they is the question though. On Idaho license plates, like all other states, they have the month and year the registration expires. On Idaho's however, they have the month written big and the year written small. This has caused the cops here to pull me ovver for expired plates. On my plate, it expires in February 2010. The "02" is big and cops seem to think that's year. Based on their thinking, I am driving a car that expired in 2002. So funny, but I get so nervous when I get pulled over. In all my experience of driving, I have gotten pullled over maybe 4 times and have yet to receive a ticket. I hope it never comes to that though. Here are pics that might explain better what I just put into words.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Hot Day

Today was another hot one in Arizona. It got to be 106 degrees!!! Freakin hot compared to the 60 degree weather that I'll be heading back to in just a few days. My dad owns a deli out here and he asked me to work today. I thought it would be boring, but it was surprisingly fun. There were tons of customers that came in that I knew. They all asked how I was and what I am up to now. Lunch was definitely the best part of my day. I just stuffed myself with all the good food that my dad has. He has so many good sandwiches but my favorite is definitely the "Doughboy." It's turkey and bacon on sourdough bread with mayo, avacado, and swiss cheese. Then it's warmed up to that perfect temperature of goodness!!! My mouth is watering now just thinking about it. When I was done there, I headed over to my grandma's house only too find out that I won't be getting that KitchenAid for my birthday, but for Christmas instead. I'm fine with that. My grandma wanted to know what I need or want for the house and I told her a KitchenAid would be nice.I just didn't know how expensive those things are. Speaking of birthdays, my dad's is tomorrow. He'll be the big 51!! WOW!!! I can't believe he's that old already. I feel that old some days and I'm not even half his age yet. Sad days to come for me.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time of My Life

Being here in Arizona has been pretty fun so far. I went shopping today with my mom. We went to IKEA, Costco, and Fry's. I love IKEA!!! They have so much weird stuff that I want but would probably never use. I wish we had one closer to Rexburg, but that's okay. It's good that it's so far away because I save my money that way. I also love Costco. I bought a ton of stuff in bulk. That means our year supply will now be getting closer to being a "year" one and not just a "month" one. At Fry's, I bought a ton more stuff and ended up only paying like forty dollars for everything. I still can't believe all the deals they have, plus all the coupons that are hidden on the boxes in the back of the shelves. I got 5 bottles of barbeque sauce for free by getting the macaroni boxes that were in the back. I never buy anything that is right in front. To me, it's almost like those are the "tester" ones, like what they have at Bath and Body Works for people to smell the lotions and such. Today though, I hit the jackpot with getting the stuff that's in the back. My mom was also helpful in buying Michael and I more stuff than we need, or even have room for. It was nice of her though. Her and I had gotten into a tiff earlier in the day about Michael and I. She was saying that she doesn't condone me being a member of the church. She also said she doesn't condone the marriage that Michael and I have sacredly taken a vow into. That kind of hurt. She did say one positive thing though. She brought up the point that I am a "better kid at my age" than some she has come across. I told her that can be attributed to the church. I am glad that I was raised to not take crap from anyone. I have learned that if I stand up for myself, no matter who it be against, I can feel stronger as a person. I think my mom learned of the important role the church has been playing in my life over the past couple years.
I also went to dinner with my mom and dad tonight. My dad's birthday is on Tuesday, so it was kind of for that. Plus, they usually always go out on Saturday night for dinner. It was nice to be able to spend time with them alone. As we were eating, they started asking me school and everything. I told them about the rules that BYU-Idaho has, and they agreed that some were pretty ridiculous. I started telling about the church from that point. I explained to them what Fast Sunday was and my dad said that he do it for the next two days so he could lose the small beer belly he has. I told them that when we fast we also pay Fast Offerings for the amount of money we would have spent on that meal. My dad then said that he would take his $3.75 and ppay it to St. Helen's Catholic Church on Sunday... tomorrow. I couldn't help but laugh. I also thought it was funny how when you (a member of the church) explains something to a non-member, they see it differently. For instance, I was talking to my mom about misisonaries. She said they always seem to come to the house when the front door is open and a baby gate up to keep the dogs inside. She told me that one time a companionship came to the door and she immediately grabbed "her" bible. When she started talking to them, they told her that wasn't "their" religion and left. I explained that some will bash with the people, while others won't. The ones that don't, know the spirit will leave them. What she said made me burst into a loud laughter at the restaurant. She said the last thing she needed was a dead kid by the front door. I thought it was hilarious that she thought "spirit leaving" meant the missionary would die. Some people's kids, I guess. I know that I can only be a good example to them and if one day they come around, then good. Until then, I am doing my best to show them that I made the right choice and that my life is headed down the path I want to be going.


I finally made it back to Arizona. I usually fly, but this time I drove... all by myself. Michael would have come with me, but he is now in Grad school and that means he has to be a big boy and organize his life. I left Thursday morning around 5:00 and made it here around 8:00pm. It was about a 16 hour drive. The weird part is that I didn't really get too tired along the way. Usually, I'm out about the time I get to Pocatello when I'm on the shuttle. I did feel a little worn out when I got more into Utah and closer to Arizona, but I made it. I told Michael that the drive wasn't that bad, but I definitely would not want to do it again if given the choice. I guess I'll have to do it again next week to get back to Idaho, but I'll be prepared. I absolutely love it here. I love that my family is here. I love that part of Michael's family is here. I love all my friends here. I love the hot bright sun and the really, really hot heat it radiates here. I love the stores here. I love that I can drive about 10 minutes and be at a mall. I love all the variety of things and people here. I love the radio stations here. I love the restaurants here. I just love Arizona. I want to move back so bad and I hope that one day we can. Today, I went to a grocery store called Fry's, and I was amazed at all the amazing deals and sales they have. They have half gallons of milk for 77 cents. That's amazing!!! They had this sale a couple weeks back where Sobe drinks were only 49 cents a bottle. So unheard of. I had my mom get me a rain check and you can be sure that I stocked up on those. I got like 60 bottles. Everything about Fry's is amazing. Maybe that's the main reason I want to move back. With combining my coupon power and Fry's amazing deals, I'll save so much money!!! Plus, both Michael and I will be working here making more than we do in Idaho and that will be awesome.
I went to Michael's brother's birthday party tonight and it was fun. I felt like it was mixtures of different things. Right when you walk in the front door, Rockband was set up. Then, in the kitchen area, on the counter/bar, beer pong was set up using Rootbeer. I remember doing that for my 21st also. In the living area, there was a strobe light and music, like a club. It was a fun party and an overall fun filled exasperating day. Tomorrow should most likely be the same. More shopping and more good deals to do and find.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I absolutely love coupons!!! I always have, but never thought about clipping them until recently. My mom used to do it and I saw how much time she "wasted" doing so. I know she saved a ton of money though. Since I have been working in a grocery store as a cashier, I have seen just how much people can save. I talked with Michael and told him that we needed to get a subscription to a newspaper so we can get all those coupons. So exciting!!! Today, I clicked a few coupons just for chicken and got 6 packages for only 30 cents!!! How amazing is that??!!!! When you find good deals on items you buy all the time, just find a coupon to go with it and you'll save even more. Michael and I are going to try it for a month and see how much we save and see if it's worth it. I'm sure it will be. Bring on the coupons and all those good sales!!!
I got all this stuff: 8 full size Aussie hair products
6 packages of chicken thighs
3 cans of Progresso chunky soup
3 Hamburger Helpers
2 frozen packages broccoli and cheese
2 Betty Crocker meal sides
for only $16.30!!!!