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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good Time For Prayers

One of the biology teachers that I have this semester was involved in a motorcycle accident on June 10. Brother Travis Wall and his daughter were on a date. They were near Dad's Truckstop after stopping at Reed's Day for some ice cream. They turned heading southbound when a big truck cut right out in front of them. Brother Wall threw his arm around his daughter. They both were immediately taken to the ICU. His daughter was taken to pediatrics a few days after the accident, but Brother Wall is still in critical condition. He has a serious head injury they are trying to deal with. Just to keep Brother Wall alive, one of his legs had to be removed. His wife started a blog to keep everyone updated. For those of you that know Brother Wall, the link to the blog page is below. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Am Pretty Much The Master!!!

Yet another perfect, but imperfect game!!! I was sitting on my little couch listening to Prince when I bowled this amazing game!! First off, I was doing it for fun, then I got a little competitive with myself when I noticed I was up to "eight in a row" as the Wii calls it. Yeah that's right, 8 strikes in a row. Then I went up to "nine in a row" and finally eneded with "ten in a row." I don't know how I do it. I don't even place my ball in the same spot, nor do I have some "special routine" that I must do each time before I throw. For those that have been bowling with me before, you are well aware that I just hold the ball, walk up to the line, and let it go. Nothing special. I guess that's why I am so good on the Wii. I just hold the remote, sit back, and throw the remote towards the TV. Amazing!!!! Amazing!!!!! Amazing!!!! They should have a tournament for bowling on the Wii. I would join and I would rock it!!! Here's the picture to prove my new victory. Just wait another week or so and I may finally have that perfect 300 game under my belt.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

DAM us

I signed Michael and I up to volunteer for the Teton Dam Marathon. Little did I know that we would have to be up at the crack of dawn. I guess before that really. We got up around 5:00am and drove down to the stadium. We saw a few people and hopped in the van with them. (No it wasn't a drug van, but at that early in the morning, I don't think I would have minded either way.) Anyway, we waited for a few minutes and then drove to where the ORC is. Wow, such a long drive!!!! More and more people seemed to show up. Then the girl with the shirts finally got there. We got out of the van and got our Dam shirts. After that we got back in the Dam van. There were lots of Dam people just standing around. We were sitting in the van when we saw a Dam group walk behind the van. The music was blaring and Michael and I had no idea what we were supposed to do. After a few minutes, we walked to the girl that was in charge and she told us that the set-up crew had already headed to Smith Park. That was the group we saw walking by. She then told us that we would have to walk to Smith Park. Yeah right!!! Walking that early in the morning with only a few hours of sleep. I think not. Anyway, Michael and I left to come back home. You may ask if we feel bad about getting shirts and not volunteering??? NO WAY!!! It should have been more organized.

Moral of the story: If you really want something, but don't want to work for it... just act ignorant and always get in the PAAAAARTAAAAAAYYYYYY VAN!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Nerd or Game Addict???

Whoop!! Whoop!! Yeah this is so me. So, I got home from school and bowled my first game of Wii Bowling. (Well, for the day)!!! I got 4 strikes, then a spare. That spare made me mad beyond mad. After that, I thought to myself that 4 strikes is good enough. Then after the spare, I bowled another 5 strikes. At this, I was so excited!!!! Then I got another spare and one last strike. That made my total and final score a 268!!! 268!!! Can you believe that? That's almost a freakin perfect game. Now, looking back on the last 10 minutes, I am so pissed that I almost bowled a perfect game, but because of the two spares, not so!!! I'll just keep practicing, and maybe I'll take my skills that I have on the Wii and use them at a real bowling alley!!! Yeah right. Who am I kidding? I can barely knock down 5 pins at the real place. I think I have finally found my forte though... Wii Bowling... and I'm a pro!!!
Now as for Hitler, or Michael, not so good. A 54??? Seriously?? I have never gotten a 54 in my entire life... on the Wii or at a real bowling alley. I guess Hitler and Michael should both stick to what they are good at... trying to control other people and having the idea that they are better than everyone else.