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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We Made the Cover!!!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Endings and Beginnings....

On some family occasion. My Uncle Eddie, Grandma, and Grandpa.

At the Salt Lake Temple pretending to get engaged.

In Prescott and snow for the first time. I lost my shoe and Michael and his cousin had to dig through the snow to find it.

A bald eagle in Prescott.

Just making faces.

The beautiful Mesa Temple.

Big pink chair in Mesa.

My Christmas presents from a few years ago. Cooking stuff. And we weren't even engaged then.

Michael's younger brother Joshie.

One of the first times meeting Michael. Didn't know I would have to teach him how to eat.

On top of some mountain after a hike.

Michael feeding some geese. What can I say? He attracts everything!!!

Disneyland with Captain Jack Sparrow and Roy.

Wow!!! It's crazy that Michael graduates tomorrow!! I am so proud of that kid!! He has been working his butt off since I have met him, and since he has been here, it has been no different. Time and time again, we have made plans and he has to break them because of various study groups. It has been a fun ride though. I have found joy in supporting him through school and everything. I am glad though that his done now. That doesn't mean that we are moving. We will still be here until I graduate or finish what I need to. Idaho has been fun, but I hate the snow. Maybe that's because in Arizona, in the city at least, we just don't get the white stuff there. I think that I might be warming up to it though... yeah right!! This past year has been amazing too. So many memories have been made, and a lot of changes have occured in my life...good and bad. As promised, more pictures to tell our story.

Michael acting all tough before graduating. He claims he never "got beat up" but I know differently. I just hope those muscles will help him in his future.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Memories in Pictures

Just some memories. Our friends, Brett and Hailie from Arizona. The two elders that taught me, Elder Simon and Elder Haas. Me at the Arizona Science Center. I was told that I look like I'm 12 yers old. We got to meet President Uchtdorf and his wife. Such a funny couple. We went to the Sacred Grove and got a ton of pictures taken. Michael posing. He was trying to get a gig with GQ. We went to Mesa and had fun out there too. More pictures to come.