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Monday, November 10, 2008

Well, today was eventful... not really. It really sucks being off track and only working like 3 days a week. What is a girl supposed to do with herself? I suppose I could go to the mall that we have here. Oh that's right, I live in Rexburg, where we have practically nothing except a bunch of LDS members and a bunch of high school wannabes. I wouldn't haveminded going outside for a bit, except for the fact that it rained all day, like it has been doing for the past week. I know for sure that that's what I miss the most back home in Arizona. It never really rained there, and it was nice and toasty pretty much all year long. When it did rain, it did one of two things. Either, we would get a five minute sprinkle with the sun poking out every few seconds, or we would get a nice thick dust storm, followed by a sprinkle of rain, then a move in of clouds which brought along thunder, lightning, and a nice down pour of rain. I loved it! Here though, we just get cold, never ending rain. What a crock!