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Monday, August 16, 2010

There's Army Strong, Then There's Army Wife Strong

Michael has officially started Basic Training. He started last Saturday. I had been able to talk to him all last week while he was in Boise waiting for his flight. On Wednesday, him and I were texting back and forth, then it stopped with a final "I love you." I got a text on Thursday night and that made my day. It was nice hearing from him, but he said that the drill sergeants were mean as ever. They kept all the soldiers up for a couple days until paper work was finished, heads were shaved, and all that other fun stuff. I was able to text through out the day on Friday. On Friday night, we talked on the phone for about an hour. It was so nice to hear his voice!! That was the last I heard from him until today!! He called and we had a 10 minute conversation. He was only supposed to have about a minute, but definitely stretched it out. He told me he didn't want to waste time on giving me the address. He told me how much he missed me and loved me. I just bawled. It was so sweet. I should be getting my first letter from him this week sometime!! Way excited for that!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No More Fun And Games (AKA Boot Camp)

I took Michael to the airport yesterday so he could make his trek to South Carolina for boot camp. It was so hard on me. I pretty much cried all day Sunday and yesterday was equally as emotional. He had to fly from Idaho Falls to Boise. We assumed when he landed in Boise that he would be well on his way to South Carolina. Not the case at all. He got in to Boise around 12:00pm and was stuck there all day.... no car, no nothing. He called his cousin and they chilled for a bit. Today, he had to go to MEPS to make sure he was clear to ship. They had to do another background check and make sure that he hadn't violated the law in the past few months, since his last visit there. He was cleared to go. We found out that his flight is tomorrow and he should end up in South Carolina tomorrow night. He has an early 6am flight from Boise to Chicago. Then a short lay 2 hour layover. He then flies to Georgia and from there takes a bus ride to Fort Jackson. He will be in reception for a few days. On Monday, he will officially start boot camp and all hell will break loose for me. The past few days have been pretty easy for me. I have been so fortunate to be able to talk to him for longer periods of time then just 30 seconds. The days I get those really short phone calls will be the ones that will set me off for depression. I'm sure that receiving letters will do the same thing. I know that Michael will succeed at boot camp. He can do anything that he puts his mind to. I am so proud of him for everything he has accomplished. In only 10 short weeks, I'll be able to see him again!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Just Here and There

Life has been amazing for Michael and I. Michael turned the 2-5 in May. We planned on going camping, but the weather was so crappy and we happened to get stuck mud, so we decided against it. I can't believe how much time has flown by. Michael will be graduating with his Master's degree next week!! That's just amazing to me. He will be with me for about a month, then he'll ship off to boot camp for about 10 weeks. It could be longer than that though. It's going to suck a ton not having him here with me. I know it's for a amazing cause though and I could not be prouder of him. If all goes as planned, he should be returning home on my birthday. I am planning on flying up to South Carolina to see him graduate. I know that that day will be an emotional one for sure! I have been up to a few drills in the past few months. They have been fun. The one I went to last month was interesting. The soldiers were all learning about relationships and how to get into and stay in a healthy one. I thought it was a great idea for the soldiers to really have a grasp on that. It was nice to be able to give my opinion and input from a girl's perspective. This next drill, he will be going paint balling and apparently there will be a black hawk
there as well. I'm so jealous that I can't go to this one.

Our Fourth of July has been amazing so far. Yesterday, (Saturday), we went to parade here in Idaho Falls. It was pretty nice. When that was over, we came home and I took a nap for a bit. We then headed to Melalueca Field, a baseball field here. Michael was asked to volunteer at the game and help with some games for the National Guard. He also got sworn in to the Guard before the game. I was told that he was able to shake Governor Butch Otter's hand. I wasn't able to get a picture of that though. We then helped with a baseball throwing game. It was so much fun!! Soldiers do like to have fun and it was nice just being able to be around them and BS with them. After the game was over, we went and grabbed food then walked to our saved spot so we could watch the fireworks. The show was amazing. Idaho Falls really does have the best fireworks show ever. Today, Michael and I just lounged around and when it got dark, we watched more fireworks from our front yard then we lit some sparklers!! Overall, it was a fun weekend!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Such A Long Time.... And BIG News.....

It has been a very long time since I last wrote. I have been reading other blogs and I kept telling myself that I need to update mine. Well, now is the time. A lot has happened in the past few months. Last we heard, I went to New York for a funeral. An update on that... One of my cousins out there seemed to be nice and trustworthy. Not the case. He tried to get all the money and estate for himself. What a skeez!! Anyway, another cousin took him to court and won. I just don't understand the money thing. It really does baffle me. Anyway, enough of that. For Christmas, Michael and I went down to Arizona. That was nice. It was nice to see the sun and be warm instead of the cold weather that December in Idaho brings. We celebrated our New Year by Michael going to bed at 11:30pm. Really, 30 minutes?? I stayed up and popped the bubbly!!! I had bought some sparkling apple cider and when it struck midnight, I cheered myself.... mostly because I stayed awake for the arrival of 2010!! In February, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. I love the Olive Garden and since it's only a 5 minute drive from our house, that's where we went. I had decided in that week to show up at Olive Garden on that Friday and bring candles and flowers and have the hostess' decorate the table. I thought I was pretty clever. Michael had planned the same thing but on the day of. He went to Olive Garden and asked if he could bring flowers and have the hostess set it up. Neither one of us knew what the other had planned. It was such a big surprise for the both of us to see that we had both thought of the same idea. That little punk ruined my plans, but I loved it. I always need to top everyone, so I did something he wouldn't be able to top. Tuesday, February 2 is our actual anniversary. I went through Michael's phone the day before and called his boss to see if I could bring balloons, and stuffed animals, and candy to his work. It worked. I simply told Michael that I had a meeting at work that morning. I left earlier than usual and met up with his boss. I got a text a while later saying that Michael was surprised. He couldn't believe that I pulled it off. For Valentine's Day, we went to Olive Garden again, but didn't plan anything special. The big update is that Michael decided to join the Army National Guard. He signed up last Wednesday. I found out that he ships to basic training August 10. It's 5 months away, but it seems like it's so close. I fully support his decision, but I don't want him to be gone. I get scared being alone and that's how I'll be for about 12 weeks. It's all right though. I know that as long as I keep myself busy, I'll be fine.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New York

As I mentioned in my last post, my grand-uncle passed away. Uncle Eddie was the last of the brothers to pass away. Aunt Margie however, is the last of the generation and she is still alive. When I found out he had passed away, I was devastated. I was however, able to go to his funeral service. Along with that, I also got to meet my family for the first time. This is the family that lives on the east coast. It was a good trip overall. Everyday was pretty much a party. I left on Friday and spent the entire day traveling. I took a shuttle to the Salt Lake airport then on a plane to Baltimore, then to Long Island, New York. It was such a long trip there. When I got to the airport, I wasn't sure who to look for. I was told that my cousin would be picking me up. Joe, one of my other cousins, told me to look out for a 300lb cuddly teddy bear that's a paramedic. I got my luggage and looked around aimlessly for a good 10 minutes. I then happened to look out the window and there was someone pointing at me who fit the description I was given. I went outside and was greeted with a huge hug. The craziness then began. The traffic in New York is absolutely horrible. I guess it's not so much the traffic as it is the other drivers. After about 20 minutes, we got to my cousin Mark's house. There was food and lots of alcohol. A little after midnight, Joe and I convinced everyone that we needed pizza. It needed to be authentic New York pizza though. Off someone went to get it for us. It was a blast meeting everyone. The funeral was scheduled for the next day at 10:00am. I didn't get back to the house I was staying at until about 3:00 and I had to be up by 7:00. It was a crazy night and I was tired the next day.
The next day I got up and was so tired and didn't feel good at all. I showered and got ready, but it took me quite a while to do so. I finally stumbled down the stairs and we left. We got to the funeral home and bagels were waiting for us. We pretty much had a tailgating party before the viewing. I only took a couple bites of my bagel and then went inside. It was weird to see my uncle lying in the coffin just as I saw my grandfather doing so just 18 months ago. It was hard for me. Really hard. After the viewing, we went to St. Hedwig's Catholic church for the mass. That was hard for me as well. After the mass, we headed to the cemetery. It was raining outside and it was really cold. Everyone was given a rose and after the priest said a few words each person went to the coffin and through the rose. We then went to a restaurant for lunch. I thought I was really hungry, but apparently I wasn't. The ravioli and the soup was good and I was able to eat it. When the main course came though, I wasn't too hungry. After everyone ate, my cousins, Joe, Mark, and Skippy gave eulogies. I cried through all those. We raised our glasses and said our final farewell to Eddie. Then Joe made a comment about all those people there not being able to say bye to my grandfather. He then had everyone raise their glasses and give a final farewell to him as well. It was so touching. After we ate, I went with Mark. He showed me my dad's old house. I thought that was neat. We didn't go in though because it was dark and cold. The house is for sale and I want it bad. It's a nice place that has gone up in value a lot over the past 40 years. We came back to the house and just lounged around. Then it was time for another meal. We had kielbasa, stuffed cabbage, and pierogies. It was to die for. (No funeral joke intended.) After dinner we played a few games and called it a somewhat early night. I didn't make it to bed before 2:00am the entire time I was there. The next day I got up and got ready and we headed back to Mark's house. We ate breakfast then watched a little football. I called the Realtor and was told there was an open house. Mark, Denise, Andy, Jerard, and I all went for a ride to the house. It was amazing on the inside. I didn't think it was as big as it looked. The price tag was huge too. The house that my grandparents sold for about $30,000 is now selling for $499,999. I couldn't believe that!! That's a huge jump. When we were done there, we went to a deli that Eddie and Emil used to own and also to my dad's old middle school. It was cool to be on my dad's old stomping grounds. After my tour of Bethpage, we headed back to Mark's. I was feeling tired so I took a nap. Dinner was cooking and we were having mussels. I had never had them before but I tried one. It was like eating a slug and I couldn't manage to get even one down. It was all right though. At least I tried it. I started to feel really sick that night and threw up everything I had eaten that day. The next day I slept in but still felt sick. After I got ready, we went to a lighthouse and then to the beach that was just below the lighthouse. I wanted to go shopping, so we did. We went to a new outlet mall that was built. They had a ton of ritzy stores from Juicy Couture to Betsey Johnson. It was insane. After the mall, we went to a truffle store. I got some Cookies and Cream ones. They are amazing!! I was then taken to the airport. That ride home was rough. I had a migraine and felt like puking on everyone and everything. My flight to Chicago was decent. I slept the entire way. The one from Chicago to Salt Lake was delayed though. That was a bad sign. I had to catch my shuttle at 10:30 and was told we wouldn't land until well after that. When we were circling the airport I texted Michael and told him to call. He did and the shuttle was waiting when I arrived late. I slept on there as best as I could. I was glad to finally be home though and to be sleeping in my own bed. Overall it was good a trip. I was glad I met my family.... finally. I so want to go back and party it up with them.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


So much has been going on with Michael and I. Last weekend, Michael and a group of others moved most of our stuff into our new apartment. It's a small one bedroom place. It was hard for me to agree to downsize, but it will help Michael and I get out of debt and that's our focus right now. After dropping off my resume to 8 pharmacies in Idaho Falls, I was called by 3 of them to be hired. The first one didn't know what my schedule would be, but I took it anyway because that was my first offer. This place was willing to work with my schedule at Broulim's too, so it worked for me. A week or so after that, I was called by Albertson's. They were going to offer a full time position, but only for 8-10 weeks while another technician would be out due to surgery. That was better than not knowing my schedule, so I accepted that job. The first place was more than willing to work around both the Broulim's and Albertson's schedules, and I thought I was set. With Albertson's, I needed to have a drug test done and agreed to that. The day before I was supposed to go in, I got a call from another pharmacy. This pharmacy had a full time position available. There were no questions about my schedule and I didn't have to worry about finding a new one in just a few weeks. Of course, I accepted. This led me to quit Broulim's, and tell both Albertson's and HyWay Drug that I couldn't work for them. It worked out too good for me in the end. We are still in the process of getting our place oragnized though. It has been one chore after another. Thanksgiving was good too. Michael and I went to the Turkey Choir concert which is a community choir that sings every year on Thanksgiving Day. Last year Michael and I sang in it, but I got a cold for a good 2 weeks so we didn't attend the practices. After that, we went over to Michael's cousin's house and did the dinner and game thing. We then went back to our apartment in Parker and cleaned. It wasn't too bad. We were able to stay at the Nate's house since they went out of town. We were asked to dog sit and in turn we stayed for a few nights. They came home a few days earlier than planned. Since those few nights were not enough for us, we stayed over last night and will be doing so tonight as well. Today I found out that my uncle passed away. He was a grand-uncle to me. He was my grandfather's brother. It was sad to hear that he was found in his house on the floor. I hope he died peacefully though.

Yesterday, Michael was online and found something funny about blogs. I just had to post it on here.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Moving.... Again

Michael and I are moving for the 4th time since we have been married. We started out in good ole' Rexburg at a small one bedroom place. We then upgraded to a 2 bedroom, but apparently that wasn't enough for us. We then decided to move to Parker into a nice 1200 square foot, 2 bedroom place. It has been fun, but now it's time to upgrade once more!! Everyone dreams about having a huge house and Michael and I are the same way. Our dreams though, have yet to come true. If you thought that was our house, we got you!!! We actually are downgrading this time. We found a nice one bedroom place in Idaho Falls. It makes sense for us to move there since Michael goes to school there and works there. I'll be working at Broulim's still, but I'm hoping I can get a full time job in Idaho Falls. I dropped my resume off to about 10 pharmacies there, and now I'm just waiting to get call backs from any of the places. Our last day living here in Rexburg/Parker will be December 1st. It'll be sad because we have made so many friends, but by moving we will be saving a ton of money.